Swimming Pool basically consist of two parts; one is the shell that hold the water and the second part is the filtration system together with sterilization to keep the water clean and sanitized. The pool shell can be built from different materials, most commonly preferred is the conventional concrete pool with tiles finishes. There are also vinyl and fiberglass pool. You can also have all type of shapes and sizes and depth you can imagine. Furthermore, you can select the type if pool too; Infinity, Overflow and Skimmer. The filtration system consisting of pumpset and a filter unit with auxiliary piping connected to the pool shell for water circulation. Soiled water is pumped from the pool and pass through the filter. Dirty particles are trapped inside the filter and the clean water return to pool replacing the soiled water to complete the water circulation in the pool. To keep the water clear and clean you can use chlorine to kill the bacteria and stop algae growth. There are also other alternatives to replace chlorine usage.

Infinity Pool System

The pool water dropped over the sharp edge and create an effect of endless border, like a horizon. This make your pool look bigger and spaces.

Overflow Pool System

The pool water level is flushed with the pool deck surface and overflow into a surrounding pool gutter. This system is very effective in removing all floating debris and scums on the top of water surface.

Skimmer Pool System

The pool water level is normally lower than the pool deck level and the floating debris are drawn towards the skimmers installed at various position to ensure all top area surface of the pool are covered.

Water Features

A water feature is one or more items of fountains, pools, ponds, cascades, waterfalls, and streams. They are supplied with water using hydraulic rams to create aesthetic decoration

Spa Pools

Spa are good for relaxing and to relieve stress. The powerful jets soothe away tension with massage and bring health benefits leading to more active and fulfill life.